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US fest hosting Iran devilish animation with non-brick-and-mortar screening

Iranian animated film ‘Malakout’ has been screening at the 53rd Humboldt Int’l Film Fest.

 Iranian animated film ‘Malakout’ is being screened at the 53rd edition of the Humboldt Int’l Film Fest, the world’s oldest student-run festival.

Directed by Farnoush Abedi, the animated short film is about a pianist who turns into an evil man after an accident.

“Music was his passion… Love was his masterpiece…” a short synopsis for the animation reads.

The 50th edition of the Annual USA Film Festival also picked out Iranian animation ‘Malakout’. The title has been screened at a number of global events, including the 12th Crystal Palace International Film Festival in the UK.

Founded in 1967, the Humboldt Int’l Film Fest is the world’s oldest student-run film festival.

The 53rd edition of the festival was initially slated for April 24-28, but US fest in California cancelled all brick-and-mortar screenings due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s edition of the event will instead take place online.