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‘Yalda’ to premiere across Europe, US

Masoud Bakhshi’s award-winning ‘Yalda’ is to premiere across Europe and America from September.

Masoud Bakhshi’s award-winning feature film ‘Yalda’ is set to premiere across Europe and America, beginning from September.   

Independent film company "Moment" will release Iran's acclaimed ‘Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness’ in the United States and Europe.

Moment Film Company won ‘Yalda’ distribution rights in the United States from among many other film companies willing to claim the copy right.

‘Yalda’ will be appearing on some independent American movie theatres since September. It will also go online for a group of independent American cinema owners and their audiences; and it then will be available in DVD format across the US.

The screening will be also pursued in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, and progressively in other European countries.

Similarly, ‘Yalda’ will go on silver screen in Iran as soon as the whole coronavirus breakout is over and the cinema halls resume their activity.

‘Yalda’, a captivating drama co-produced with Luxembourg's Amour Fou and awarded in Sundance Film Festival, follows a young Iranian woman sentenced to death and seeking to obtain forgiveness from her accusers via a popular reality TV show.

‘Yalda’ starrs Behnaz Jafari and Faqiheh Soltani among others.

The 2019 production has been already honored with the Grand Jury Award at the 2020 International Dramatic Film at Sundance Film Festival in the US.  

In its recent festival appearance, Bakhshi’s 89-min ‘Yalda’ went on screen at the 15th Panorama of Maghreb and Middle Eastern Cinemas in France as well as the Sofia International Film Festival (SIFF) in Bulgaria.