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New Iran romance editing online over COVID-19

Iranian feature film ‘Emad and Touba’s Romanticism’ is editing online.

COVID-19 has changed editing agenda for new Iranian feature film ‘Emad and Touba’s Romanticism’.

Directed by Kaveh Sabaqzadeh, the new flick has recently launched editing stage which is done online due to the global crisis of coronavirus pandemic.

The film, which counts as Sabaqzadeh’s second feature film ended shooting stage some months ago.

 ‘Emad and Touba’s Romanticism’ enjoys a fantasy romantic theme; and unlike the director’s first film ‘Italy Italy’, it has a more hopeful outlook to life.

A brief synopsis for the new romantic fantasy reads, “Emad: I love your bunny teeth. Touba: I haven’t brushed yet”.

Ali Ansariyan, Morteza Ali-Abbas Mirzaee, Sam Valipour, Sania Ramezani, Afra Afshar, Sara Mehrad and Parham Gol-Mehdi are among the cast members of the flick.

ifilm star of ‘Huge Problems’, Elnaz Habibi has also played a part in the feature.

Besides being a director, Sabaqzadeh has so far experienced his hand in scriptwriting as well and so he has developed the screenplay for the movie himself.

The director has also appeared in the movie ‘The Years of Ash’ as an actor.