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‘Forbidden Fruit’: When old man falls in love with young lady

ifilm website has published a review on hit series ‘The Forbidden Fruit’.

ifilm website has published a review on hit series ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ revealing various aspects of male leading character Haji Younes.

The series follows the story of Haji Younes, a benevolent and caring senior citizen highly respected by his neighbors, friends and families.

Nevertheless, to err is human and he may take the forbidden fruit. Ali Nasiriyan who has one of the best acting resumes in Iran plays the role of Haji Younes.

The character is a devout Muslim doing buying and selling in Iran based on Islamic Sharia law. Storyline has a twist in store for Younes when he meets a girl played by Hanieh Tavassoli and the destiny plays out its course.

Described by its director Hassan Fathi, this series can be a depiction of gray people putting to the test so they know if they have true faith. Yet those we believe being on the straight path may slip or become perplexed at some point in their life.

The main character, out of nowhere, falls in love with a young lady, striving to make her his wife within the acceptable social and religious norms. As some critics say, the old man is a free adaptation based on “Sheikh Sanan” story made famous by the Persian poet Attar Neyshaburi in his work titled “The Conference of the Birds.”

The series has much of an original and attractive subject with prominent actors, uniformity of form and content as well as impeccable characterization. These features have ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ named one of the best series in the last decade ever made for special occasions in Iran.