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Good beats devil in 'Reverse'

This is first round of race between good and devil in 'Reverse'.

ifilm website has revealed a car-action scene from the Iranian movie 'Reverse'.

This is the first round of the race between the good and the devil in the movie.

The girl with the blue car represents the good side while the boy with the red car drives for the devil.

Directed by Poulad Kimiaee, the movie went on screen at ‘New Look’ section of the 37th Fajr Film Festival.

Produced by the director’s father, Masoud Kimiaee, ‘Reverse’ is an action/thriller about an illegal street racing competition whose winner will be able to clinch many things.

It depicts the story of a family encountering one another somewhere outside the boundaries of their household.

Some of the main cast members of Kimiaee’s first directorial experience include Babak Hamidiyan, Leila Zare, Shahram Haqiqat-Doust, Akbar Zanjanpour, Alireza Kamalinejad, Parvaneh Masoumi and Siavash Tahmoures.

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