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Late Iranian theater teacher to return to schools

Late theater teacher Hamid Samandarian is to reappear at drama schools via recorded videos.

Iranian drama schools have set to return the late Iranian teacher, playwright and director Hamid Samandarian to education via videos recorded of his educational courses.

His student Afsaneh Mahian plans to release the videos in the near future to be used at theater schools.

Having the license to preserve, publish and release all Samandarian’s works, she said “The videos of 80 interviews with Samandarian will also be released.”

“The master will reappear onstage once again with the videos providing an opportunity for the younger generations of directors and thespians,” the student added.

Mahian said that the collection is the most precious heritage she has inherited and that she plans to present them in the best way possible.

Samandarian’s main characteristic was being up-to-date, she said, adding, “What connects us to the future generation is this precious heritage.”

“He has taught seven generations in theater from master actors like Ezzatollah Entezami and Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz to the present generation. His teachings can still be useful and influential for the next generations,” she pointed out.

She concluded that she has not yet decided how she will release the videos; however, she will do it in the best possible way.

A teacher of several generations of Iranian directors, thespians and dramatists who are currently among the big names in Iranian theater and cinema, Samandarian died of liver cancer at the age of 81 in July 2012.