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ifilm English TV to air ‘Solace of the Heart’ finale

ifilm English TV is to air finale for the series ‘Solace of the Heart’ on Sunday night.

ifilm English channel has set to air final episode for the series ‘Solace of the Heart’ on Sunday night.

The series finale, produced by Mehran Maham as well as Iraj Mohammadi and directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh, will be aired on May 3, 2020 at 20:00 GMT.

In the series, Rana has been searching for her missing daughter for 24 years, until she receives a call from a woman named Yalda who claims to be holding her daughter's necklace.

At first everyone thinks that Yalda might be the missing girl, but they gradually realize that there are mysteries about her past that could threaten to destroy many of the family’s relationships.

Among the cast list are Shahin Taslimi, Abdorreza Akbari, Shahrokh Estakhri, Mohammad Hatami, Fariba Kosari, Siavash Kheirabi, Parviz Fallahipour, Zohreh Fakour-Sabour, Sahar Qoreyshi and Samaneh Pakdel.

‘Solace of the Heart’, produced in 2009, will be replaced by the series ‘Passing Through the Fall’ made by Masoud Shah-Mohammadi.

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