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Why you shouldn’t miss ‘Prophet Joseph’ on ifilm

In this piece, you will get to know why you'd better watch ifilm hit series ‘Prophet Joseph’!

As ifilm is set to screen the memorable hit series, here is why you should not miss out on any episode.

 The series is one of the best Iranian TV projects ever made by Iranian cast and crew with a relatively high budget using the cutting-edge technology of its time in terms of sound engineering, camerawork, visual and special effects.

With regard to the storyline, the series is based on Quranic references and verses related to Prophet Joseph known as the best recount of the holy Quran.

The cast is an ensemble of best actors with a mix of veteran as well as the then up-and-coming thespians such as Mostafa Zamani.

Zamani is loved by almost all ifilmers and on social media pages for the channel, you have always reacted to any post featuring him including his films and other artistic activities.

The late-great Iranian director Farajollah Salahshour took on this mega TV project following his incredible success with many biopics before this feat.

The recount of prophet Joseph has endured in many religious texts and Scriptures, including the Quran. Such impressive feature of this series could draw in a large number of audiences with less efforts involved.

Additionally, the perfect visual technicalities offered to the audiences in the series alongside the smooth performances can boost the fan base in the larger picture.

All in all this piece talked about important facets of this hit series hailing from Iran and thusly, you might be less convinced to watch this amazing production on ifilm!


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