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Avicenna’s life to go on stage

Nasrin Khanjari plans to bring on stage the life of Iranian world-known polymath Avicenna.

Iranian playwright Nasrin Khanjari has planned to bring on the stage the life of Iranian world-known polymath Abu Ali Sina (known as Avicenna in west).

Khanjari said she was requested to write some plays for children almost a year ago. Among the suggested subjects, she chose Avicenna’s life.

The title of the play is chosen to be ‘Pulse’.

She further explained, “The name of Avicenna is familiar to all of us but maybe a few of us had the chance to read about his life and works. I had the opportunity to travel to Hamedan and visit Avicenna’s tomb. To write the play, I’m reading more and more about him”.

Khanjari assured that the play will be ready to go on stage soon.

She has written almost 20 plays that were directed by professional theatre directors.