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Rambod Javan optimistic about online screenings

Iranian actor Rambod Javan says he is optimistic about online screenings.

Iranian actor and director Rambod Javan has said he is optimistic about online screenings of movies in Iran even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Javan said the filmmakers of ‘Talla’, which he took part in its production, had been encouraged to make the film available online after online screening of Ebrahim Hatamikia’s ‘Exodus’ due to the closure of cinemas amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He believes that online screenings of movies would become permanent in Iran even after the end of the pandemic, noting that “Online and digital life has become stronger” after the coronavirus outbreak.

Noting that online screening is a part of the film and entertainment industry, the actor said he is optimistic about online screenings, adding that they would pave a new way in this field in the future “that we can benefit from”.

‘Talla’ has been streaming online since late last month.

In the movie, a group of friends decide to realize their dream of opening a small restaurant to earn a living.

Mansour, having lost his regular job, now works as a private cab driver.

Leila has little to show for her ten years of hard work.

Reza, having just finished his military service, returns home where his father implores him to go abroad in search of a better life.