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Three Iranian plays go online

Three Iranian plays are available online amid closure of theaters due to coronavirus pandemic.

Three Iranian plays have been available online amid the closure of theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The plays ‘Auschwitz Women’ , ‘Formality’ and ‘Cronus’ are the three plays that have been made available online to theater fans amid the continued closure of theaters following the coronavirus outbreak. 

‘Cronus’ is about the challenges people would face in the year 3000.

‘Formality’ is about a country with a population of just nine people, and any increase or decrease in that number would be against the law.

The plays were performed on stage in the recent previous years.

Theater fans can watch the plays through visiting the website, Tiwall.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed a quarter million people worldwide, and forced the closure of cinemas and theaters, and the cancellation or the postponement of many festivals and events.