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Iranian director to make the animation ‘Once a Dragon’

Iranian director Mohammadali Soleimanzadeh is to set to take on the animation ‘Once a Dragon’.

The director Mohammadali Soleimanzadeh has planned to take on the animation project ‘Once a Dragon’ as an adaptation of the book "The Anecdote of that Dragon."

The book is written by the late Iranian writer Nader Ebrahimi.

The animation suits the teenage audience and narrates the story of a man who inspects his shoes regularly. One morning while he is examining his shoes, instead of an insect or gravel he finds a tiny dragon falling out of his shoes.

He takes the dragon to public places and also to his workplace and the tiny creature attracts people’s attention.

As people’s attention is engaged, the dragon grows larger. But when people get used to the dragon and their care for it fades away it becomes smaller.

The dragon becomes smaller and smaller to the extent that the man can pin it to his shirt.

According to the director, the animation aims to show the audience how people get used to strange happenings and everything becomes ordinary for them.

Animation’s director Soleimanzadeh said the production has already started and lasts for a year.