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ifilm stars to cooperate in new project

ifilm stars join cast of new cinematic project ‘Without Anything’ (Unprincipled).

A number of ifilm stars have joined the cast of a new cinematic project titled ‘Without Anything’ (Unprincipled).

Pedram Sharifi, Mahtab Nassirpour and Farid Sajjadi are the latest picks for Mohsen Qaraee’s new project.

ifilmers already know Pedram Sharifi from the movie ‘Born in 1987’, Mahtab Nassirpour from ‘I’m Taraneh, 15 Years Old’ and Farid Sajjadi from ‘Imam Ali (AS)’.

The film which has recently received production permit, has so far cast some famous actors such as Shahab Hosseini, Parviz Parastouee, Hediyeh Tehrani, Ali Mosaffa and Lalel Marzban.

Although Mohammad Davoudi has been announced as the flick’s scriptwriter, no detail on the story of the movie has been disclosed to the media yet.