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Iranian feature ‘Hendi & Hormoz’ reveals trailer

Iranian movie ‘Hendi & Hormoz’ releases trailer.

Iranian movie ‘Hendi & Hormoz’ has released a trailer.

Directed by Abbas Amini, the movie is set on Iran’s Hormuz Island in the Persian Gulf, where hematite deposits in the soil turn the ocean waves blood-red.

The 91-minute feature is about a 16-year-old boy, Hormoz, who is married to Hendi, three years younger than him, after he promises that he can work as a miner.

But the young man finds closed doors instead of a job. Gradually the game of life becomes more serious and dangerous for both kids.

Hamed Alipour, Zohreh Eslami and Mohammad Banouj are among the cast.

The film won best film, best script and new acting talent awards at the 15th Transsaharien International Film Festival in Nigeria.