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‘After These Three Months’ is being produced on COVID-19

Iranian doc on coronavirus, ‘After These Three Months’, is under production.

Being directed by Mohammad Abdizadeh, Iranian documentary ‘After These Three Months’ on coronavirus outbreak is under production.

Produced by Ali Kafrash, the title is the latest Iranian documentary on coronavirus outbreak.

It narrates the bitter and lethal story of one of the worst disease outbreaks in the world history.

A new virus that is quickly spreading among countries and causes the infection and death of millions of people around the world.

In an interview about the documentary, Abdizadeh said “there are several theories about the origins of the virus and the reasons behind its highly contagious nature. Some doctors believe that the virus has a unique characteristic to attack people’s defense system.

Others talks about Poor hygiene in populated places and hospitals as the origin of the virus. There are also speculations about the virus being a human made disease.”

According to the director, the documentary shows how health crew in the hospitals sometimes uses the least facilities to cure a lethal disease and save a life.

Moreover, the documentary shows how the virus is spreading in poor areas with a higher speed rather than the rich areas where there are more facilities to fight the disease.

The title focuses on the life and situation of a nurse and a doctor who are fighting coronavirus to present its view on the phenomenon.