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Iran cinema to resume activities soon

Iranian Cinema is to recommence activities in the near future.

Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs has announced the cineastes are to recommence their activities in the near future.

As the Health Ministry has recently warned of a new wave of coronavirus in the country, the activities in Iranian cinema will continue soon, the organization announced on Sunday.

It also noted that the filmmakers are allowed to continue their work considering the regulations issued by the Coronavirus Control Operations Headquarters.

The organization announced “Unfinished projects that possess a production license can recommence activities by following the regulations.”

“However, those projects that are seeking production licenses can upload the required documents at the organization’s website for further considerations, and the councils that are responsible to review and issue production licenses will soon continue their activities,” it added.

All the activities must be carried out based on the medical protocols for filmmakers under producers’ supervision.

The producers are asked to observe social distancing during the project, and each individual can inform the organization for further decisions in case of not observing the regulations.