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‘Butterfly Stroke’ unveils behind-the-scenes

Iran’s feature ‘Butterfly Stroke’ unveils behind-the-scenes featuring Tannaz Tabatabaee.

Iran’s feature ‘Butterfly Stroke’ (Butterfly Swimming) has unveiled behind-the-scenes footage featuring actress Tannaz Tabatabaee.

The footage has been published in celebration of the actress’s birth anniversary on May 10.

For her appearance in the movie, Tabatabaee received the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 38th Fajr Film Festival (FFF) in Iran.

With 89.15%, ‘Butterfly Stroke’ topped the list of the percentages of audience votes during the 38th FFF.

Directed by Mohammad Kart, ‘Butterfly Stroke’ narrates the story of some ostracized people from the poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Tehran.

The people have to pretend to be strong if they want to survive the brutality of their environment.

In addition to Tabatabaee, some top-rating Iranian actors such as Mohammad-Javad Ezzati, Mahlaqa Baqeri, Pantea Bahram and Amir Aqaee have starred in the flick.

Born in 1983, Tabatabaee has a Bachelor's degree in Theater Directing.

Her debut movie was ‘I Saw Your Dad Last Night Aida’ directed by Rasoul Sadr Ameli in 2004.

By playing a role in the TV series 'The Forbidden Fruit' in 2007, she became a well-known figure.

She has appeared in a number of movies, such as ‘Nose’, ‘The Music Box’, ‘My Child’, ‘Parinaz’, ‘The Orange Suit’, 'Hush! Girls Don't Scream', ‘Hard Makeup’, 'The Resident of the Middle Floor', 'Crazy Rook', and 'Death of the Fish'.

Tabatabaee has also taken part in some TV series, including ‘Youth’, 'In the Eye of the Storm', 'The Forbidden Fruit', 'Open Parenthesis', and 'Heart of Ice'.

She won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Award from the Celebration of Iran's Cinematic Critics and Writers for ‘Sounds’ in 2009 and the Celebration’s Diploma of Honor for the Best Actress in a Leading Role for ‘Salve’ in 2011.

Tabatabaee was also nominated for the Best actress in a Leading Role award for her appearance in ‘The Sound and the Fury’ (2015) at the 34th FFF.

Her performance in 'Crazy Rook' gave her a nomination for the Best Actress in a Leading role at the 33rd FFF.

Tabatabaee has also received some awards for her appearance in 'Hush! Girls Don't Scream'.

Established in 1982, the FFF is an event that celebrates cultural exchange, displays creative achievements of highly acclaimed cineastes and pays tribute to local and international films.

Since its establishment, the FFF has played a vital role in the development of the Iranian Cinema.

Supervised by Iran’s Ministry of Culture, the festival hosts veteran directors and new filmmakers from Iran and across the world every year.

The 38th Fajr Film Festival was held on February 1-11, 2020 in Tehran.

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