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Palestinian series depicts war, siege

New Palestinian series airing on the country’s TV channel depicts the besieged Gaza Strip.

New Palestinian series ‘Cluster’ airing during the holy month of Ramadan in the country depicts the reality of war in the besieged Gaza Strip.  

Director Hosam Abu Dan’s series ‘Cluster’ produced in the besieged Gaza Strip, depicts real events of war and siege based on a real story.

In the 2014 Israeli summer offensive in the Gaza Strip, Israel forces raided one of the cities there anbd the Zionists went on a killing spree. While some of residents managed to flee, a locked-in group had to find shelter in a doctor’s clinic. This group was forced to stay there for six days under massive strain and hardship.

The incident inspired director of ‘Cluster’ to make a TV series which went on air in Palestine during the holy month of Ramadan.

The director said to media that his series "narrates the realities of war and siege in Gaza, he, however, added the series is not void of love and peace.”  

Filming of the 15-eposide series began in December after the director Abu Dan and his team held a meeting with the doctor whose clinic was the epicenter to determine the dramatic line based on the human stories that took place in the clinic, in addition to other stories that reflect the reality of life in Gaza during years of siege and wars.