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News story inspires me to make this series: ‘Building No. 85’ director

ifilm talks exclusively with director Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, revealing new details on ‘Building No. 85’ series.

In an ifilm exclusive interview with director of ‘Building No. 85’, Mehdi Fakhimzadeh talks about the initial idea behind making the series.

The director who has made many cop series in Iranian Television and cinema said in an exclusive interview that he never wrote any role for himself, yet as a project moved along he would realize that a certain role should probably be depicted by the actor/director.

He also said to ifilm, “I have never seen anyone who did not like my roles to this day,” citing the reason that his roles cater to the general public’s taste.

‘Building No. 85’ series has a criminal theme, but it's different from his other works, being more of a investigative detective as a different work in this genre.

In reply to the query that where the idea of ‘Building No. 85’ came from, he said, “The beginning of forming this series was very different for me because I started this screenplay from a newspaper that wrote the story of a dead body found in a parking lot. Then, I started writing the original story.

‘Building No. 85’ airs on ifilm daily at 18:00 GMT. 

'Building No. 85' directed by Mehdi Fakhmizadeh revolves around a notorious group of criminals living in the building. They all find themselves in danger when a skeleton is found inside the wall of the parking lot. The investigator and residents of the building are constantly baffled as a mystery unfolds.