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‘So Close, So Far’ to vie at Corona Short Film Festival

Iranian short ‘So Close, So Far’ is to compete at the newly-lunched Corona Short Film Festival.

Komeil Soheili’s short film ‘So Close, So Far’ has been selected to compete at the newly-lunched Corona Short Film Festival.

The title narrates a short time of a family’s life in quarantine.

A synopsis to the short film reads, “As for me, during these hard days, I realized the beauty of the simplest things around me. Things that I hardly apprehended before, but during the crisis, I learned how far I was from things that were always closest to me”.

Described as the 1st International Pandemic Self-Isolation Short Film Festival, the event aims to create motivation for the filmmakers who are in self-quarantine by offering financial and distribution awards to winners.

The festival team asked interested filmmakers to make up-to-five-minute films with any genre or topic.

The selected films will participate at an online competition. They will be presented on festival’s website and will vie for the prizes.

The winning films will be chosen for international distribution by interfilm Berlin Management that is a partner of the festival.

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