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Fajr Int’l contender ‘Who Are We?’ reveals poster

Iranian film ‘Who Are We?’ reveals poster while waiting for online screening.

Fajr Int’l contender ‘Who Are We?’ by Abdolhasan Keivan has revealed poster while completing the production process.

Also produced by Keivan, ‘Who Are We?’, which revealed official poster all new, is currently at the editing stage and the producer is searching for a proper distributor for his film.   

‘Who Are We?’ was expected to attend the 38th Fajr Int’l Film Festival. However, the organizers canceled this year’s edition due to coronavirus outbreak.

A synopsis to the film reads, “Bahram misses the chance to live with the girl who he is in love with due to his immigration. Later, he finds the truth that the couple who raised him are not his biological parents. Finding out the new details, he goes through a breathtaking challenge. The feeling of lost identity and love do not leave him alone. He faces questions that disturb his internal peace”.

The film’s shooting locations included two Iranian cities of Tehran and Shiraz; and the crew went through a lot of difficulties of shooting because of coronavirus restrictions.   

Keivan not only works as a director and producer, he is also a painter, sculptor and architect. In 1979, he received a degree in art from Tehran University. He continued his education in Australia.

Turning to question of the film’s premier date, Keivan told media that, “Due to the non-commercial content and the structure of the film, setting a proper release date is of great importance”.

Keivan has previously participated at several international festivals and garnered some awards. His film ‘J & B’, made in Australia, was accepted to the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. His other film ‘Immigration’ grabbed two awards at the 2018 Kolkata Film Festival in India.   

The cast of ‘Who Are We?’ include Afshin Nakhaee, Mohammadreza Barzegar, Mehdikhan Ahmadi, Raya Nasiri, Nina Barzegar, Elahe Pourrostami, Masoumeh Dashti, Shima Alahbeigi, Azad Parsaeenejad, Mehdi Zeighami Moqaddam, Mansour Zare, Masoumeh Zahedi, Hani Nikoupayam, and Telma Rafatkhah.