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Iran’s ‘Taxi is Here’ awarded at IndieFEST

Iranian short ‘Taxi is Here’ is awarded at the IndieFEST Film Awards in the US.

Iranian short title ‘Taxi is Here’ has been awarded at the IndieFEST Film Awards in the US.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported that ‘Taxi is Here’, written and directed by Sara Aqababaeean, received the Award of Merit at the 11th edition of the US event.

The film is starring Shaqayeq Faryadshiran and Mehrzad Nour-Hosseini.

The IndieFEST Film Awards “are unique in the industry.  Attracting both powerhouse industry veterans as well as talented new filmmakers it is an exceptional, truly international awards competition, not a traditional film festival,” the event’s website reads.

“Serving filmmakers is the IndieFEST’s primary goal,” according to the website.

The 11th IndieFEST Film Awards took place on May 5, 2020.