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‘Bruce Lee Killer’ adds 3 new stars to cast

Bahman Goudarzi’s ‘Bruce Lee Killer’ adds three stars to the cast.

Bahman Goudarzi’s ‘Bruce Lee Killer’ has added three new stars to the cast team.

‘Father’ female lead, Reyhaneh Parsa will costar ‘Made in Iran’ star Amin Hayaee and Amir Jafari who is a household name to ifilm viewers for his performance in ‘The Forbidden Fruit’.

Details of Goudarzi's newest film are being kept firmly under wraps - apart from a genre announcement that reveals it as a comedy film penned by Arash Qaderi and Hamid Khameneh.

Shooting on ‘Bruce Lee Killer’ is due to take place in Hong Kong over the coming weeks. The production is halted temporally over health concerns related to the pandemic.

The director has disclosed to local media that the film shoot will be launched as soon as the airlines get flying again so that they can enter China. 

Produced by Morteza Shayesteh, ‘Bruce Lee Killer’ will enjoy two more Iranian actors in the cast team along with several Chinese stars whose names will be revealed to media in a not distant future.  

Goudarzi lastly filmed a TV series named ‘Underground Floor’ for Iran IRIB produced by Reza Joudi.

‘We Are So Cool’, ‘The Record is Equal to the Document’, ‘Fireworks’, ‘Six and Five’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ are some previous screening productions directed by Goudarzi.