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Iran new movie to cast for Abbas Kiarostami

Late Abbas Kiarostami is to be portrayed in new biopic on late Sohrab Shahid-Sales.

Late Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami has been set to be portrayed in a new biopic on late Sohrab Shahid-Sales’s life.

The new project directed by Morteza Farshbaf which will go around Shahid-Sales’s career as a director has discloses to the media that it will cast an actor to bring to life Iranian Palm d’Or winner director, Kiarostami, too.

The new project is currently at the pre-production stage and it might soon start filming.

The actor who has already been cast to play late Sohrab Shahid-Sales is ifilm star of ‘The British Briefcase’ Ali Mosaffa.

According to a media report, the filming locations will be in Tehran, Paris and Berlin.