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ifilm selected take from 'The Tenth Night' on love meaning

Here is ifilm's selected take from hit series 'The Tenth Night'.

Here is ifilm's selected take from hit series 'The Tenth Night' with impressive narration on meaning of love.

In the video attached, you can view impressive scenes from 'The Tenth Night' by Hassan Fathi with ifilm's exclusive narration of love. 

The impressive drama narrates the story of Heidar who loses a bet which means he had to steal some items from a mansion belonging to a princess of the previous Qajar dynasty that has been overthrown by the new ruler, Reza Pahlavi. When Heidar meets the princess, he falls for her and pops the question. To avoid marrying him, the princess sets a condition she is sure he will meet. She tells Heidar that he has to organize and perform in a 10-night passion play banned by the Pahlavi regime.

"Love is a retired cliché among humans meaning intense feeling of affection. Such feeling is so impressive as they say love is blind.

The lover just has the beloved in mind and does the best to win the heart of the beloved. In a fashion that the lover’s gaze won’t divert from the beloved.

Nevertheless, love makes us grow in case you have already seen sense in life. At this time love comes with devotion.

Love is beyond all dark colors that terrify you. You know your son well. If I go for something, I will make it mine.

In that case, you are all good.

You are my Modor (mother). OK. Go ahead.

You’d better pray for yourself ‘cos you are out of your mind.

You are the one that can heal me.

A man shouldn’ be feeble  like this," the video's subtitle reads.