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Arshia Zeinali’s screenplays to vie in the US

Three Iranian screenplays are to vie at the American Screenwriters Conference in the US.

Arshia Zeinali’s screenplays ‘Crusher’, ‘Moon and Fishes’, and ‘Rootless’ have been selected to compete at the American Screenwriters Conference in the US.

‘Crusher’ narrates the story of a man who lost his job in a stone crusher plant. Rumors about the rising value of dollar currency and the possibility of war force him into a crisis. Finally, he decides to do something with everlasting effects.

‘Moon and Fishes’ is the story of a 10-year-old boy and his friends whose kite goes to the top of a lighthouse.

‘Rootless’ brings the viewer the situation of a man who straddles the border between two countries during war. There is neither the way forward nor the way back.

The American Screenwriters Conference is organized by the Sacramento International Film Festival.

Due to coronavirus outbreak, the festival will be held online on May 30, 2020.