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US festival to show Iran ‘Happy End Time’

Iran’s short film ‘Happy End Time’ is to be screened at Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival in the US.

Iranian short film ‘Happy End Time’ (Akhar ol-Zaman Mobarak) is set to be screened at the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival in the United States.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported that Saeed Pourali’s film will vie at the 17th edition of the event.

‘Happy End Time’ narrates the story of “a family of three, who at the end of the world war, escapes the enemies and hides behind a tree, but their child begins to cry and …,” according to a synopsis for the film.

The Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival “dispels common misperceptions about disability by showing films that portray people with disabilities in an accurate and interesting way. The selected films show that individuals with disabilities live the same sort of full and independent lives as all other people”, the festival’s website reads.