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Check out amazing Iranian make-up artistry

Watch pictures showcasing most wonderful and accurate Iranian make-up artistry.

Watch pictures showcasing most wonderful and accurate artistic creations of make-up designer Abdollah Eskandari which were recorded in make-up design history of Iranian series and movies.

The Iranian make-up expert shared on his personal Instagram page many photos from various scenes in the works that he was responsible for the characters make-up design.

Eskandari has grabbed multitude awards for the Best Make-Up Design at Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

He has taken on the make-up work in over 170 cinematic and Television projects. ifilm’s ‘The Survivor’ and  ‘A Passenger to Rey’ are among his make-up designs on characters in these productions.  

For his efforts, the well-reputed US magazine “Make-Up Artist”picks the expert as one of the ten important designers in the world in 1999.