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ifilm ‘The Long Path’ narrates fresh family finances: Critic says

‘The Long Path’ on ifilm’s screen offers new narrative of family issues.

Iranian cinema critic says ‘The Long Path’ running on ifilm offers fresh narrative of finincial issues in financial. 

Renowned Iranian cinema and TV critic Mohammad-Reza Lotfi said of Reza Karimi’s offering that "The most important catch about 'The Long Path' is the story," adding, “the new narrative concerns the hardships of people from different walks of life to sustain their families.”  

The series follows a father who can’t earn enough to meet the demands of his children. Being under constant pressure, he is offered to take responsibility for a car accident in return for a large sum of money. He was desperate enough to accept the offer, but when the police regards the case as murder, he realizes he’s gotten into more than he gambled on.

Reza Kianian stars as father in the family. Kianian has won Crystal Simorgh for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for 'Glass Agency' (1997) and Best Male Actor for 'House on Water' (2001).

He was also nominated to receive the Crystal Simorgh of Fajr International Film Festival in 2015 for the Best Actor in a Leading Role for Kioumars Pourahmad’s ‘Where Are My Shoes?’ (2015).

ifilm has aired the actor’s starrers such as ‘The Pahlavi Hat’, ‘A Time of Frenzy’ and ‘A Piece of Bread’.

You can watch the latest episode for this series here.