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‘Longer/than/ever’ en route to Bali Int’l Short Film Festival

Iranian short title ‘Longer/than/ever’ is to vie at Bali Int'l Short Film Festival in Indonesia.

Iranian short title ‘Longer/than/ever’ has found place at the MINIKINO FILM WEEK (MFW) – Bali International Short Film Festival in Indonesia.

Directed by Farzin Saeed, ‘Longer/than/ever’ will have its international debut screening at the 6th edition of the Indonesian short film festival.  

The flick is a coproduction of Iranian Youth Cinema Society and director, Saeed.

‘Longer/than/ever’, which is Saeed’s debut short film, narrates the story of a veteran judge who is on the verge of making a difficult decision that could jeopardize his many years of credibility.

Bali International Short Film Festival is designed as an annual event. Minikino Film Week (MFW) founded in 2015 as a unique and out of ordinary International Short Film Festival in Bali.

“The screens are arranged to provide opportunities for people to re-experiencing the collective film viewing; furthermore, to build a space to discuss about their experiences, promoting critical thinking of what they have just watched,” mentioned by the festival’s official website.

The event is slated for September 4-12, 2020 in Bali.