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‘The Other’ wins at Venice Intercultural Film Festival

Iranian short ‘The Other’ grabs Venice Intercultural Film Festival’s award.

The short film ‘The Other’ has garnered the Best Silent Film award at the Venice Intercultural Film Festival.

Co-directed by Saman Hosseinpour and Ako Zand-karimi (aka Samko brothers), the short is about a man who thinks another man has stolen his life.

The short, which is a co-production of Iran and India, narrates the story of “a religious and traditional man who after his wife’s death, suspects her and he thinks she had a relationship with another man. His condition becomes critical when he suspects that her daughter belongs to the other man”.

The cast members are Majid Potki, Shenia Mozaffarian, and Mohammad Kermanshahi.

Venice festival sees different human experiences as a treasure that must be valued.

As stated on the festival’s official website, “It wants to reward those productions that highlight significant aspects of local or national cultures”.

Due to coronavirus outbreak, the festival’s awards ceremony will be held in an outdoor cinema in an abandoned historical castle on May 29, 2020.

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