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Press TV to show ‘The Last Soldier’

Press TV is to screen ‘The Last Soldier’.

Press TV network has scheduled to screen a documentary feature film on Daesh titled ‘The Last Soldier’.

The doc, which was unveiled on May 20 during a press event, is made in four 25-minute long episodes and will go on TV screen by the end of June.

Produced and directed by Iman Goudarzi, ‘The Last Soldier’ narrates the observations of an ISIS former member on the actions carried out by this terrorist group.

This former member of Daesh tells the story of his journey to Muslimhood, then converting to Wahhabism and his departure from Europe to Syria to join Daesh terrorist group.

He begins his work as a Daesh cameraman and records all the events and incidents carried out by this takfiri terrorist group. But later he continues to face contradictions in ISIS's behavior and actions with regard to the religion of Islam. Then, he decides to divorce himself from this group.

On his escape from ISIS, he chooses to take their hands off these documents and images and make a film based on them.

The 100-minute ‘The Last Soldier’ depicts the narrator's explanations on the images recorded by him and presents his experiences of learning about Islam and the teachings of this heavenly religion and the contradictions that exist in the teachings and thoughts of Wahhabism and ISIS.