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Gaza siege must end: global artists demand

International artists ask for an end to Zionist siege of Gaza.

Artists around the world have asked for an end to the Zionist siege of Gaza.

Around 400 international artists have signed a statement that censures the inhuman siege of the Gaza and asked for it to be lifted.  

The statement contains the fact that Gaza was among the poor areas in the Middle East way before the COVID-19 pandemic. Right now, with this new global hazard, this region has become more desperate for proper health care.

According to the letter, a UN prediction has it that the blockade that had already devastated the strip of Gaza will not be inhabitable by the year 2020 over the coronavirus outbreak.

The statement has been released on the second anniversary of the huge man-slaughter of the Zionist regime during which 60 innocent Palestinians were murdered.

Some two years ago, on May 14th when the Palestinians were protesting on the Great March of Return, 60 of them including men and women were ruthlessly shot by Israeli snipers. 

Some names on the signatories list of the statement include Lawrence Abu Hamdan (artist), Taha Adnan (poet), Mania Akbari (film director), Simon Allemeersch (theatre maker), Candace Allen (author) and Udi Aloni (filmmaker).