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Farajjolah Salahshour dies when alive

The creator of ‘Prophet Joseph’ series talks of his death experience in a role.

Late Farajollah Salahshour, the creator of ‘Prophet Joseph’ series, talks about his death experience in a role.

The late director, who departed this earthly life in the year 2016, had already touched the feeling of being buried for his role in his debut movie ‘True Repentance’.

In this flick, the ‘Men of Angelos’ director plays the role of Lotfali Khan, a man who rises from the dead when they want to bury him. He, who has now come back to live again, will try to make his wrongs right and compensate for what he has done. But the man finds it a very difficult task to accomplish.

Late Salahshour says that when they put him into the grave and put the first stone over his body, he has this epiphany that the real death looks exactly the same. He, then, asks himself that what he would do if it was it and it was his real death that he was experiencing.

Besides filmmaking, Salahshour tried his hand in acting, makeup design and script writing.

He made various works in his life time, among which the ones that were based on the stories of the holy Quran such as ‘Prophet Joseph’ have been very well received.

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