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'Under Supervision' hits domestic home screen market

Iranian comedy 'Under Supervision' hits home screen market.

Iranian comedy 'Under Supervision' has hit the domestic home screen market.

The film, which counts as ifilm star Majid Salehi’s directorial debut, entered the domestic market of home entertainment last week.

It has succeeded to rank itself among the best-selling titles at the time of public screening at Iranian movie theaters.

A brief synopsis for the film coproduced by Rambod Javan and Mohammad Shayesteh reads, “Mohsen comes back home from the shops to find out that the sofa Omid is sitting on it has a hole in it.

He blames Omid for it. Mahshid, Mohsen’s wife, has strong emotions for this sofa and now that she is returning home from the trip she has been on, Omid does his best to improve the problem when a new one pops up.

The police are looking for the CCTV footage of the whole building, as a female resident of the building has been found dead.

As Mohsen had once in the past been to the dead woman’s flat, he must pay good money for the footage to disappear”.

Notable among the cast members of the flick are Reza Attaran, Amir Jafari, Azadeh Samadi, Mehran Ahmadi, Rima Raminfar and Amir Nouri.

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