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ifilm exclusive: iconic onscreen mother in retrospect

In this exclusive ifilm report, recently demised Iranian actress’ acting credits are looked back in retrospect.

ifilm website has published an exclusive report on acting credits of recently demised Iranian actress Sediqeh Kianfar.

 The actress who appeared in ifilm series 'The Forbidden Fruit', ‘The Tenth Night’ and ‘All of My Children’ passed away due to heart failure on Monday 25, 2020.

Here in this piece, the veteran actress’ acting career is looked back in retrospect.

Born in Abadan, Iran in 1932, Ms. Kianfar started her career in radio shows by narrating and performing plays on Naft Abadan Radio. She experienced acting in television for the first time in the series ‘Bitter and Sweet’ in 1974, and made her acting debut with ‘Crisis’.

Kianfar acted in many series and films and has left a long trail of acting credits behind in TV and cinema. ‘Heroes Don't Die’, ‘Grandmothers’ Dolls’, ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘Mirror’, ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ and ‘Kimia’ are among the most important series featuring this veteran actress.

In 19174, at the age of 42, Kianfar played a role in the series 'Mr. Relevant' directed by 'Behzad Eshtiaqi'.

Although the success of this work was not more than her subsequent major works such as the series ‘The Forbidden Fruit’, it was a good experience for her.

Kianfar starred in the movie 'A Man, a Bear' directed, written and produced by Massoud Jafari-Jozani in 1992.

In 2000, she played the role of Ms. Khakbaz, the mother of Manijeh, in the series ‘Passenger’ made by Sirous Moqadam.

‘The Tenth Night’ by Hassan Fathi in 2001 is one of the other memorable series in the artistic career of Kianfar.

In 2002, Bano Kianfar played in another series called ‘Lighter than Darkness’ directed by Hassan Fathi.

'Lighter than Darkness' tells the story of Sadr Edin Mohammad Shirazi, known as Molla Sadra. He was an Iranian philosopher and theologian during the reign of Shah Abbas the First of the Saffavid Dynasty. A contemporary of the likes of Sheikh Baha’ee, Mir Damad and Mir Fendereski, Molla Sadra is considered to be the most influential Muslim philosopher in the past four centuries. Even though he was persecuted for his new philosophical insight, he never gave up on his passion to search for the truth. Today, he is honored across the Muslim world and referred to as the “Master of the Theosists”.

‘Marzieh’ directed by Flora Sam is the last work in Kianfar's artistic CV that has not been prepared for screening yet.

She was one of the iconic onscreen mothers in Iranian TV and cinema.