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Smaragdni Eco Filmfest to host ‘The Pains of the Sea’

Iranian short film ‘The Pains of the Sea’ is to go to the Smaragdni Eco Film Festival in Croatia.

Reza Masoudi’s short title ‘The Pains of the Sea’ has been selected to participate at the 2020 Smaragdni Eco Film Festival (SEFF) in Croatia.

The short narrates the story of several Syrian and Iraqi immigrants who are trying to go to Turkey by crossing the sea.

An immigrant mother has to choose between her own life and her child’s.

The SEFF is a travelling ecological film festival which aims to raise public ecological awareness by screening educational films.

This year’s edition of the event is slated to open on June 21 in Zagreb and to go on in some other cities of Croatia.

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