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‘Prophet Joseph’ transformations: See how the stars look in real life vs. the show

ifilm English website publishes report on how the ‘Prophet Joseph’ stars look in real life vs. the show.

With the production value on a series like ‘Prophet Joseph’, you can sometimes forget it is a TV show. The creators have put together such elaborate sets, costumes and makeup that viewers often can get caught up in the dramatic dynamics of the then Egypt as much as things in the real world.

That all may make you forget how the ‘Prophet Joseph’ actors had to undergo major transformations with their looks to get into character. From hair makeovers to makeup, the stars went all out for ifilm mega show.

In view of the fact that the world of ‘Prophet Joseph’ is not exactly the present day, so seeing the cast without the makeup, wigs, and special effects is always a trip.

ifilm English website revisits favorite characters of present and past, and what they really look like beneath the makeup that turn them into citizens of the great Egypt. Plus, check out technological secrets of ‘Prophet Joseph’ and cast and crew members for ‘Prophet Joseph’ no more around.

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nada yosef

they look real good

shabana zamani

Magnificent set up costume make up etc. ....after watching the series I used to think & relate all the actors and series must be belongs to Egypt trust me! Then after some days search I get to know that this is been created by Iranians.

nada yosef

One of the popular series is the series Joseph the Prophet, everyone attests to him as the best series ever. My happiest time is when I watch my star, Mostafa Zamani, on your beautiful channel. Greetings and my respect to the star who impressed the world with his personality. My star Mostafa Zamani😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

barb hall Shahin