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‘Am I a Wolf’ to vie at Monstra Film Festival

‘Am I a Wolf’ is to compete at the 2020 Monstra Filmfest in Portugal.

‘Am I a Wolf?’ by Amir-Houshang Moeen has been selected to compete at the 20th edition of the MONSTRA | Lisbon Animation Festival in Portugal.  

‘Am I a Wolf?’ is a recreation of the classic fable of ‘The Wolf and the Lamb’.

In the short animation, a number of students are performing a theater called ‘The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats’. Everybody has a role.

They are totally getting carried away by their roles in a way that the border between reality and theatrical performance is now hardly realized.

Meanwhile, the child acting as the wolf in the story is scripted to be defeated. That makes him feel lonely and annoyed.

The 8-minute animation has taken home numerous awards from global events such as the 11th Tehran International Animation Festival in Iran, the 22nd Media Arts Festival in Japan, the 6th Tripoli Film Festival in Lebanon, the 10th International Animation Film Festival “Golden Kuker – Sofia” in Bulgaria, the 2019 Insomnia International Animation Film Festival in Russia, etc.

Held since 2000, the Monstra festival has celebrated short films and provided an opportunity for people with different artistic backgrounds to meet.

The organizers published an official statement that reads, “Due to the temporary shutdown of some of the city-run venues in order to comply to the prevention measures announced by the Lisbon City Council, the Lisbon Animation Festival | MONSTRA was left with no other options than to cancel its program scheduled for March 18-29, 2020”.

The 20th edition of the fest kicked off on May 25 and will run through May 31.

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