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When Benjamin reunites with ‘Prophet Joseph’

Benjamin actor in ‘Prophet Joseph’ cherishes one scene of the show the most.

The actor who portrays Benjamin in ‘Prophet Joseph’ has cherished the scene where the two brothers reunite on the show.

In an interview, Zahir Yari says when he read the script for ifilm all-time popular series, this specific scene was so important to him. As he puts it, “I was waiting for this scene all the time. Even, the night before we recorded it, I did not sleep”.

He also mentions that the screenplay for the series is so well-written and it has the capacity to be modifies into a movie too.

‘Prophet Joseph’ series is not the only religious production in which ifilmers have seen Yari. He has also been in ‘The Men of Angelos’ and ‘Saint Mary’.

‘In the Eye of the Storm’, ‘Tabriz in Fog’, ‘The Billionaire’ and ‘Era of Constitutional Revolution’ are some other shows that the actor has had roles in.