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Having a daughter is a blessing; for what sin was she killed?

When daughters were buried alive, the prophet of friendship and kindness redefines the value of women in society.

At the time of ignorance, when daughters were buried alive, the prophet of friendship and kindness revolutionizes human understanding of women's value in society. 

With sporadic killings of women in some Muslim societies, the sinister mouthpieces of the western media try to make an association between a so-called honor-killing and Islamic teachings.

Majid Majid's masterpiece 'Muhammad: The Messenger of God' nicely visualizes the kindness of Islam's prophet towards humanity including women who are still considered as the second-rated citizens in many Western society despite all bells and whistles of feminist movements there.

Watch the impressive scene depicted by Iranian mega-director and read the Quranic verse below for a better vision of Islam towards women.

"When the girl buried-alive will be asked: for what sin she was killed." Quran – Surah  al-Takwir [81:7]