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Iran female director talks on English voc etymology

In a TV show, director of ifilm series ‘The Colonel's Garden’ talks about her native dialect.

Director of ifilm series ‘The Colonel's Garden’ who is among the few Iranian female directors making TV series talks about features of her native dialect.

Felora Sam who has made some series aired on ifilm such as ‘The Hidden Secret’ and ‘The Days of Life’ revealed in a TV show that her Shirazi dialect spoken in Iranian province of Fars is one of the red line in life.

She switches to this beautiful dialect for a few minutes and deviates from Tehrani accent, showing how the famed Iranian director is positively biased in favor of Shirazi regional dialect.

The host tries to bring up one of the features of this dialect, but the director fixes his mistake, letting him know that over-generalization does not work here.

In part of her talk, she seems to say jokingly how the etymology of two English words “Crunchy” and “Pinching” go back to her native dialect.

This talented Iranian director, screenwriter and actress studied Theater in the University of Tehran in 1987 and made her small screen debut with drama ‘Mehr o Mah’ in 1990.

She has appeared in the series ‘The Days of Life’ (1999), ‘Address’ (2003) and ‘Honeymoon’ (2009). Sam has directed the series ‘The Hidden Secret’ (2012) as well.


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