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Don’t miss martial arts by world champ. on ifilm

Just so you know the new ifilm pick for this weekend stars former world Champion master hailing from Iran.

Former taekwondo world champion Hadi Saei who has gained Olympic gold medal for Iran stars in this weekend’s ifilm pick.

Iran’s Olympic gold medalist in Taekwondo plays the role of a commander of a naval commando unit based on a true story, depicting some of the heroic endeavors of the Iranian navy forces to maintain peace and security in their homeland.

‘P22’, made in 2014, is scheduled to air on ifilm at 22:00 GMT.

The film focuses on the key role the Iranian Navy played in the early days of the Iraq-Iran war.

In the video attached, the Iranian champion showcases his martial arts in some sequence of 'P 22'. You can see his performance in real life as well.