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US Archaeology filmfest honors Iran’s ‘Vars’

Iran’s doc ‘Vars’ wins honor at the Archaeology Channel Int’l filmfest in the US.

Iranian documentary ‘Vars’ has been honored at the Archaeology Channel International Film Festival in the US.

Directed by Javad Vatani, the 53-minute title has received a Special Mention at the 17th edition of the US event.

The doc is on the life of a man-made structure that has stood still to facilitate the travelers’ trip in the mountainous regions of Iran.

It contains old footage that shows how men with the simplest of appliances put together a bridge that has been able to accommodate super heavy trains.

The bridge is called Varsk and was structured around 85 years ago.

The Big Water Film Festival in the US has been another global event to accept and screen ‘Vars’.

The Documentary and Experimental Film Center in Iran has been in charge of the film’s distribution.

Iranian doc title ‘Hafez and Goethe’ has also attended the event and won two honorable mentions in Animation & Special Effects and Cinematography categories as well as the Best Music award.

The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival intends to showcase the wonderful diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our world, as well to promote the genre and the makers of film and video productions about cultural heritage, the organizers said.

The 2020 edition of the Archaeology Channel International Film Festival was held in the US state of Oregon on May 13-17.