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Netflix reacts to black man’s murder by police

Netflix pledges promise not to be silent in support of African-American’s rights.

Netflix has pledged a promise not to remain silent in support of the African-American’s rights to live.

The giant American online movie streaming platform has taken it to the social media to express clearly its support for this cut of the society.

The statement reads how this support is “a duty to our black members, employees, creators and talent”.

Following the murder of George Floyd by the police, not to be an accomplice of this savage act, Netflix did not remain silent.

It was stirred up and took its dislike of this savage act into a tweet which was later re-tweeted several times by outstanding figures such as Sarah Paulson.

The latest reports in the media also shows that this American company is not alone in it, as two other mega firms Amazon and Hulu back the move.

On May 25, 2020, a white American cop kneeled over the neck of George Floyd – a black man – for more than eight minutes, two minutes of which have been after the man was completely unresponsive and dead.