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Iran superstar Payman Maadi sinks in roles

Eyes matter to Iranian mega star Peyman Maadi.

Eyes are very important tools at an actor’s disposal, Iranian mega star Peyman Maadi has said.

Actor in Oscar Winning movie “A Separation” has so far taken various roles in international productions and so he has worked with numerous big names in the world of filmmaking. He has recently appeared in Anne Fontaine’s ‘Police’ or ‘Night Shift’ which has been a big success.

In an interview that a French journal has had with Maadi for his role in the same movie, the star has said that he sits against the mirror for hours and hours to find the visage he wants for his roles. He adds that eyes are so important in this line of business.

He finds himself drowned into his roles.

The great actor also explains that he has no difficulties learning new languages. The technique he takes advantage of when meaning to learn a new language is that he would hire a good teacher and perseveres to learn it immaculately.

To the internationally acclaimed star, what mattes when accepting a role is the truth, depth and the style of it. And, what does not count, is the geographical borders.

Maadi has already collaborated with big projects such as ‘Six Underground’, ‘About Elly’, ‘Camp X-Ray’ and ‘Last Knight’.

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