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Iran’s ‘Ojagh’ to vie at Bosnian festival

Iran’s short doc ‘Ojagh’ is to vie at the 6th VIVA Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Iran’s short documentary ‘Ojagh’ has been named as one of the finalists to vie at the sixth edition of the VIVA Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ali Bolandnazar’s ‘Ojagh’ will vie along with nine films from different countries at the festival’s category of Tourism which includes films whose themes promotes tourism potential of the countries from which they originate, the event’s website reported.

‘Ojagh’ is about the folk customs of Qashqai Clan, and the place and role of the ojagh or oven among the people of the Qashqai Clan.

The VIVA Film Festival is an annual event on promotion of documentary works.

It consists of three categories: ecology, tourism and religion.

The 2020 edition of the festival is scheduled for September 16-20.