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‘The Old Man and the Singer’ to attend Ischia Film Festival

Iranian doc ‘The Old Man and the Singer’ is to attend 2020 Ischia Film Festival in Italy.

Iranian documentary ‘The Old Man and the Singer’ has found place to the competition program of the Ischia Film Festival (iff) in Italy.

To mark its second international premiere, Amir Osanlou’s documentary film will be attending the 18th edition of iff this year.

Amir Osanlou is a familiar name to Ischia filmfest as he was lauded with a special jury award at the previous edition of this Italian film event for his doc ‘Aleppo: The Silence of the War’.

Filmed in Aleppo, Syria, ‘The Old Man and the Singer’ narrates the story of an old man from Aleppo and his friend who are trying to make a house in the ruins after six years since the war.

A brief synopsis for the doc reads, “Hope disappears in the shadow of a war. Everything is ambiguous so much so that none can be sure if this is the last moment they will live. Life still goes on and that is the legend. Abu Umar famous for being the sound of hope is a living legend. He rebuilds his life against the desperate situations and that is why they call him the sound of hope”.

‘The Old Man and the Singer’ was previously screened at the 51st edition of the Visions du Réel Film Festival in Switzerland. 

It is also the recipient of the Golden Statue of Avini Martyr Award from the 13th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Cinema Verite.

The Ischia Film Festival is a competition open to feature films and documentaries regardless of language: fiction, documentary, animation.

The theme of the festival is particularly focused "on the location and enhancement of the cultural and landscape identity of the territories chosen for filming".

The event will be held online on June 27-July 4, 2020.