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‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ to turn to doc

Iranian director is to produce a doc adapted from famous book ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’.

Iranian director Ezzatolla Parvazeh is producing the documentary ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ as an adaptation of a book with the same name written by Spencer Johnson.

Parvazeh said to media that the editing stage of the 45-minute film is underway.

He also added, “The main character of the documentary is similar to one of the main characters of the book. The documentary is about a man who lives in eastern Azerbaijan, Salmas city. He produces cheese using a traditional technique. The technique doesn’t bring him much money compared with the modern techniques. So his family are always asking him to change the process, but the man insists on his own traditional way of making cheese”.

The cinematography of the film was done in 15 sessions last year, taking 6 months to accomplish.

As the director said, the film is left with an open ending. It is not clear that the man accepts the changes or keeps his own way of doing his job.