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‘The Last Survivor’ competed at Pegasus Film Festival

The 2020 Pegasus Film Festival in US hosted to Iranian short ‘The Last Survivor’.

The 2020 Pegasus Film Festival in the US played host to Iranian short film ‘The Last Survivor’.

The 5th edition of the American festival hosted Karen Jamal Omidi’s short title in its main competition section.

‘The Last Survivor’ is about some people who are waiting in line to see something valuable, “but then it happens”.

Omidi’s ‘The Last Survivor’ has already participated in some national and international film festivals where it succeeded to bag some awards, including special jury award at the 13th International Film Festival in Tbilisi in 2019 as well as an honor of diploma from the 2nd Youth Filmmaking Olympiad in Isfahan in 2018.

Created in 2015, Pegasus Film Festival is the largest student-ran film festival in North Texas, holding a wealth of inspiring and innovative High School filmmakers.

Due to covid-19, Pegasus went virtual this year on May 29, 2020 with the winners’ list yet to be announced.